Life is a Lesson Pt 2

Knowing what to do is easy but learning how to practice what you know is a major task. In our world today, there are loads of information flying around as a result of technology but the challenge is knowing how and when to use such information that will bring profit and make meaning. At this point, I will like to pause and take time to counsel you “Be careful from whom and where you obtain information. Words can shape or destroy so be sure of the source before you allow it into your heart. In the midst of all the things you hear from people and watch over the internet, there is something while studying psychology called selective listening. It is simply selecting things to think about and discard other irrelevant information.

It is very easy to say but I will tell the truth, picking up yourself from the floor is hard especially when your fall was bad. Recently, several turn of events made it look as if I was on the floor and it took me a while to get myself back up. I spent hours and hours drowning in my mind trying to figure out a next step that I was never motivated to take neither did I know how to even start.

Prov 27:17 “iron sharpeneth iron…”

A friend took time to dust me off the floor and motivated me to as well as ensuring I took necessary steps to get back in pursuit of my goals. This is why you must join me in praying this for yourself regularly;

“Father and friend that will not allow me to actualize your glorious destiny for my life, by any means necessary cut me off such friends”

“Father connect me with helpers of destiny”

Finally, I urge you to always look on the bright side of life, seek for lessons to learn and stay relevant.

Life is a lesson; therefore I urge you to:

  • make your life count
  • develop your competences
  • learn rather than stay on the floor when knocked down
  • make yourself happy
  • put smiles on the faces of others


Always remember that learning is lifelong for leaders to go up and remain there.

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