Humans; My greatest problem and my greatest blessings all at the same time. Its like a deck of cards, a mixture of the Kings, Queens and the jokers. But to us, these cards are flipped open, we choose who gets to be on our team with our eyes wide open.


Everyone knows the phrase, no man is an island and we can all agree with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that says everyone desires a sense of belonging, but its crucial that we apply wisdom in choosing the people we bring into our circle. And you know what, its really easy to know the stuff youre made of, by looking at the choice of relationships you have.


I believe there is one vital question you should ask yourself before making decision concerning your association. And its simply Why?
Simple right? But this can go lengths to determine if this relationship is progressive or retrogressive.


Why am I a part of this association or relationship?. If your answer sounds anything like I want to belong, or I want to feel better about myself, then thats a wrong turn friend. You will be ultimately cheating yourself.


Fare weather friends: They are all lovey-dovey when the grass is green and the clouds are clear. When you are not a concern or burden to any of them and things are going well with you. Anybody can afford to be your friend at this point. Thats why its essential that you get even more careful about people that come around you when the going is good.
Parasitic friends: These just come to take from you, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. Your circle should be a place of strength, where you all draw strength from each other and not a congregation of people that gather to take from one person. These kind of friends can praise you to destruction, all because they seek your favour. Know the difference between a friend and a charity project.


True friends: These are the Jonathans in your life. The friends that stick closer than brothers as the bible would describe. These friends have your best interest at heart and are not afraid to call you to order lovingly, when you go wrong. They are your team, they are not in competition but in partnership. You are always better after you interact with them.


We all desire to be kings, but when we see our hands filled with jokers; in a short while, we become jokers ourselves, and it doesnt take long before we realize that the jokes on us. Because then, we ultimately lose in the game of life.
Finally i urge you to play your cards right, choose your friends wisely, because you are ultimately choosing your life.


  1. Words of wisdom! “Your circle should be a place of strength,draw strength from each other not just a congregation of people who draw from one person” very profound! Thank you for sharing.

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