My Life, My Mistakes and My Lessons

Hello my friend, if you have suffered setback in any area of your life I’m sure this write up will open your mind to some tips to ensure you manage yourself better to actualise your goals fully. I have put together this write up “My life, my mistakes and my lessons” which I’m sure will help you. Please share with someone that needs to read this too. Enjoy your read.

Life is a journey that is new to us all no matter your economic status or ethnicity but what is not new to us are the experiences we have had in our journey thus far. Your parents and older ones will feel obligated to give you advice simply because they have spent more time on this life journey. If I tell you that their counsel is valid or invalid, I would be lying to you because our experiences and paths vary hugely. Guess what? Reading my past few posts on Secrets of my life, you will see that the solution to this is Divine Guidance.

Several things can and will happen to you in the journey of life. A lot of them will be good but interestingly, we are always drawn more to the ones that are bad thereby forgetting the fun and awesome memories that are supposed to motivate us to have more. Several mistakes will happen in life but you must not allow those mistakes to keep you on the floor if it knocked you down. Look beyond what is wrong and focus on the value from the things you have that are right.

It will interest you to know that God created you because He has special plans of authority, dominion, and a glorious destiny.

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

No matter the plans God has for you, it is your responsibility to create your experiences for the future regardless of how it was for your parents. The reason why solutions are not created is the absence of personal responsibility. People have spent their life blaming others for the various mishaps and misfortunes around. I heard once that excuses exclude you from great things. 

Immediately you take responsibility for the happenings around your life, it opens your mind up to strategies for progress or change.

Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:

For you to have a change of experience or fortune, you must be willing to accept responsibility in your heart and begin to create the change you want to see. God has made provision for a change of story for your life and your generation but you must be ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that God’s plan comes to pass fully. Like I remarked in one of my posts, you must make bold declarations concerning the things you want to see. 

It is important for you to note that progress is either initiated or necessitated. If you don’t initiate progress by yourself, people will necessitate the progress. People will insult you or talk roughly to you which most times will push you to making progress for yourself. Interestingly, not everyone is motivated to make changes but instead they begin to make excuses why things are happening in a particular way. 
Stop describing what you are going through but start talking about where you are going to.

A popular saying “if wishes were horses, beggars will ride”. Don’t get caught up in descriptions and excuses. This is because excuses will only exclude you from creativity that will lead to solutions. I urge you to stop complaining and start looking for strategies to ensure progress. It is not enough to look for strategies but take bold steps to ensure you obtain physical proofs. When you allow your mind to be creative, remember to keep nurturing your thoughts and that seed will soon become a bountiful harvest of fruits. The key is to remain patient and not spoil your investment just before it begins to yield maximum fruits.

Finally, Life will continuously remain dynamic so you must be ready to deal with every experience as they come and pick lessons that will ensure it doesn’t repeat itself for the bad and ensure that the results are doubled in the next time for the good ones. You are not the first to face certain problems so be responsible and locate strategies that will help you create your expected future. Beware of talking about your background or past and focus more on creating a future for yourself and your family. Also, remember to be grateful to God for where you are because where you are is another persons prayer point. 

The best formula for creating a better experience is to receive the word of God concerning your life, believe it in your heart, and begin to take necessary steps.

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  1. This is really timely.
    The best formula for creating a better experience is to receive the word of God concerning your life, believe it in your heart, and begin to take necessary steps.

    Thank you sir

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