Learn To Live A Life That Outlives You

My wonderful friend, it’s such a privilege to share more thoughts with you. Few weeks ago I learnt from the events that followed the glorious exit of my Granddad and I was moved to document my thoughts with you. Living a life that outlives you simply talks about the quality of life that you have lived. If this is your first time sharing thoughts with me, I’m sure this topic will help add some spice to your life and of course create a future for your children. 

God has skillfully created you but it’s your choice to decide the outcome of your life. It is important for you to note that one day, your time on earth will be over and I’ll like you to ask yourself sincerely this “When my time on earth is up, will people praise God for my life and wish they met me?”. Like I mentioned in my previous post, “the journey of life is new to us all no matter our social or economic status”. This says that I have the responsibility to create a life regardless of the happening around me. 

The journey of life avails you and I with various starting points likewise, our point of conclusion varies. It is therefore your responsibility to read, think and act in ways that will create an enviable destiny. Your perspective to difficult situations will determine the quality of thoughts and actions that will come from you. This means that you must study to respond to every situation that comes your way.

Proverbs 15:28

The heart of the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things.

For you to live a life that outlives you, time must be invested in preparation. Nothing can place limit on your destiny when you spend time making adequate preparations for where you want to go and the heights you want to achieve. Preparation involves first recognizing areas in your life that needs improvements and upgrade. Studying, observation, meditation and prayer amongst others are vital ingredients for preparation for advancement. When you lack someone to inspire you, you will begin to expire.

I learnt something from my study of Psychology a concept called observational learning. This is the learning that involves you paying close attention to something with that aim of taking note of salient points. I have discovered that observation actually gives a better perspective than reading. Observation is key to growth and creating a legacy. Learning from the journey and experiences of others will always provide you with necessary information relevant for making unusual impact. 

It is your impact on earth that determines the importance of your death or absence. The value you impact on others, determines the worth of your life to the community. Don’t allow pride stop you from becoming a generational icon. I told myself that “I must realise that anything I do for people is a privilege from God”. A life of impact generally leads to a life of greatness. So I urge you not to bother about how to become great because it is a natural sequence. Please remember also that whatever you are doing will always bring forth fruits both in the present and after you have left the earth. Life is all a matter of seed time and harvest. Gen 8:22

The concept of Legacy means a paradigm shift from the norm which in a lot of cases cannot easily be forgotten. A paradigm shift doesn’t just happen and it’s not for everyone. Preparing for a life that outlives you involves embracing your originality while learning from others. A legacy is majorly for people who are focused on their area of calling and maximizing fully their originality too. It’s sad because the place of originality has been lost to wanting to be like or look like certain groups of people thereby forgetting the place of originality.

Growing up, I have always loved my person and my style of doing things more than what others are doing. At a point people called it pride but I never allowed that to bother me much. I have always told myself that peer pressure doesn’t have effect on me because I will be the peer putting pressure on others. This has helped me develop a strong appreciation of self. I don’t do things because others are doing it but instead I focus on how comfortable it makes me look regardless of what others have to say.

What does originality actually mean? It talks about that special touch or effect that only you can add to make the things you do different from what others have done or are doing. People today talk about secret ingredient for particular meals or creation. Also people buy patents to make sure that their works remain unique and owned by them alone. This reason for this is because a lot of people have refused to take responsibility to make sure that their creative abilities are tapped into instead of trying to be a look alike. I have mentioned to a few of my friends that if you are like another person, it simply means that you are not relevant. God specially took time to create us all because there are special effects that we are created with that will definitely fulfil the scripture of us being “the salt of the earth”.
Your peculiarity is God’s seed in

side of you that will make you stand out from others. An acknowledgment of this will take your mind away from being inferior. Your being inferior is mostly a mentality that allows you to blend in and be like other thereby forgetting the best part that God has placed in them.

Finally, To live a life that outlives you, begin with praying and seeking the face of God that created you, gather relevant materials that will help you learn and develop yourself, make sure that your peculiarity is added because it will make your life a source of reference people must consult to make similar impact.

My wonderful friend no matter your age, it is not too late to make an impact and create a legacy in your family. Remember this, “if your absence is not felt, then your presence was never needed or valued”. I have promised myself and I am actively working to make sure that my lineage will bless God for my existence.

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  1. Thanks you sir for these powerful words
    May your inspiration never run dry. God bless you and continue to increase you.

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