Celebration of a Real Icon, My Father

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!
Celebration of a Real Icon, My father

A name is just a noun until an individual gives it meaning. Then, it could mean life, wealth, power, strength, or even weakness. When you are faithful in your assignment, people will always want to associate with you even after your time on earth is over. Prov 13:22. Your children or relatives will always be beneficiaries. Amongst other things, Faithfulness to assignment will always make a person influential. As a youth, this is why you must plan and build well so that your children will enjoy the rewards of your faithfulness. Almost every day of my life, I receive favour and love from people I do not know, but this kind of things keep happening because of the investments of my parents. Lam 3:27. If you have a very influential family name, you will understand what I mean.

Influence and fame, like you know, has two sides – the good and the bad. If your parents or family have created a negative legacy, it attracts a form of backlash and bad experiences with people. However, you can restructure your family name by your investments of today in setting up a better tomorrow. I have read about and seen people that overturned the bad reputation of their families to that of fortune or affluence. I have also read and seen people that have turned the fortune of their family into trash and ruin. This clearly explains that the image of generations can be changed positively by one person’s quest for a better life. It might be very difficult at the initial stages, but consistency will definitely silence all the doubts.

I was once told by one of my superiors at work that no matter how many people do not like you, once you know your job well enough, those same people will need you and wouldn’t be able to speak negatively about you. At some point, I once heard my dad talk about how his preaching career started off in Living Faith Church Kaduna. He said some people were reluctant to listen to him because they felt he was young and inexperienced; with the help of God and the commitment to his task, however, those same people became constant church members and some of the same travel to other cities to meet him for counseling or sit under his ministrations.

Consequently, I am a perfect example of one who has an influential family name that opens doors for me daily. In fact, I sometimes try to hide my identity because some of the things people do when they find out who I really am can be embarrassing, but in some other occasions, I just enjoy all that comes with it. At some point, I became tired of being favored because of my parent’s investment and this moved me to praying and also making a personal commitment that my children must enjoy the benefits of my name, as a result of my works. Prov. 13:22.

What I am saying in essence is that you must not write yourself off because of the nature of the family in which you grew up. Also, be careful not to gloat and mess up the solid foundation of a great legacy. For more lessons, I recommend for you to study a real-life example in person of Bishop David Abioye who has been a solid platform for the outcomes in my life today. I once heard that fathers are likened to feathers on which children ride. Bishop David Abioye is indeed a father to many but on a personal note, my life has continuously changed positively because of the kind of wings I have been gliding on.

Your friend,
Daniel Abioye

36 thoughts on “Celebration of a Real Icon, My Father”

  1. This is absolutely amazing! “Consistency will definitely silence all the doubts” and how wonderful that a father like Bishop David Abioye is a father and a living example to us all. Thank you for this post.

  2. Thanks for this Daniel. A fresh perspective into how life should be lived; I never knew about the father feather analogy but I must say, it makes total sense. Your opening statement has kept me in deep thoughts. I pray more of God’s wisdom and grace for you.

  3. This is really inspiring. Coming to a point of choice and commitment to ensuring favours for our seeds. Thank you Sir Daniel.

  4. A good name is indeed better than riches and leaves a great legacy for generations yet unborn. May we continually make a choice to stay committed in our assignments. Thank you for sharing this Daniel, the life of Bishop is worth celebrating everyday.

  5. “A name is just a noun until an individual gives it meaning.” Wow! I pray that this statement stays with me for life. Commitment to our assignment will make us a Voice not an echo to our generation. This is a post I need to keep reading frequently in order to stay alert and make an impact in my generation.
    Thanks a million Daniel for sharing this life transforming revelation.

  6. Daddy is the best example of servant-leadership I have seen. stooping to serve after the order of Jesus. No wonder Jesus said whosoever will be GREAT among you should be a servant Matthew 20:26-27.
    Service Indeed Is The Platform To Greatness.
    Thanks sir for this post.

  7. me too, have this kind of experience even now that my dad is late, still bless God for his life and his legacy.

  8. This is a well written article and it shows that the influence your dad has on you is beneficial. I pray for that your children say the same about you and that you influence a lot more people as you have influenced me.
    I definitely need to share this!

  9. Appreciation of a real paragon figure and not forgetting the important message(s) included which opens a new dimension to life, to always build a lasting legacy that our children can ride on and also improve the standing legacy.
    This is impactful.

  10. Great read Daniel and I love your approach to writing this particular post. Faithfulness and consistency definitely and one man making a difference is so key. Reminds me of Jesus being the one man to change our salvation story forever. Keep up the great work .

  11. The Elisha of Our Time with a Great Son in Sir Daniel Abioye, God bless u deeply 4 this share sir

  12. This is so beautiful. This one blessed me; ‘the image of generations can be changed positively by one person’s quest for a better life’. God Bless you Daniel

  13. This is really insightful and also is a reminder that our actions regardless of how little they may seem have impact not just on us but on generations to come

  14. This is Insightful and motivational!! No excuses, we all must run with a generational mindset!

  15. What Daniel has well composed is a gift to us – especially some of us identified with humble background. He has flooded us with more
    photizo on this wonderful platform. The role of an experienced man in a society is to simplify growth modules for the people and this function is what Daniel has taken on. For this we Thank him 🙂

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