Celebration of an Icon and the continuous Legacy

Celebration of an Icon and the continuous Legacy

“If I be a man of God…”
This was one of the most profound statements I heard from the icon Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa. It exuded power and authority!
You see, impact can never be denied no matter how long ago it happened. The Influence of a person is long lasting whether physically or even through clips of them.
Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory is undoubtedly among the highest ranks of influences in my life and theres still a pinch in my heart when I remember that I never met him in person. I remain grateful for the gift of technology and the internet that houses his teachings and shows the span of his impact on the phase of the earth. He is a strange and dynamic personality that is not afraid to tell the whole world who God is and the things he has been able to accomplish as a result of association.

I remember my love for hearing and watching him teach both within and outside the country. In one of those teachings, he said “when people that learned from you are angry and want to beat you, do something new so they can learn more”. It hit me! The main lesson from that timeless statement is simple, anything you are doing, just improve on it so you will remain relevant to people around. I have personally seen the practical application of it, from the constant inflow of messages from my audience asking about the time the next post will be out, after they have read another.

Therefore on this remarkable day, even though he is not here with us anymore, his legacy still lives on in the heart of many and I’ll like to appreciate God for the continuous impact in the Church of God Mission International. My big and special mummy Arc Bishop Margaret Idahosa who has remained a blessing to my family, God bless, honour and multiply His grace upon your life and that of your children.

For those that don’t know him, ask Youtube (:
The church of God will continue to grow and expand in Jesus name.
Happy 50th Anniversary.

30 thoughts on “Celebration of an Icon and the continuous Legacy”

  1. Wow! What a great lesson Sir. Hmmm, Improvement is the key to continuous relevance in any field of life. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.
    Thanks for sharing Sir, am highly blessed.

    1. for sure!!
      Leaving a life of impact will always make you a person to be sought after no matter your location or age.

  2. Very profound and striking to me while reading was “…anything you are doing, just improve on it so you will remain relevant to people around” as it applies to every facet of life.

    Well done Sir Daniel😊

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