Lessons from the Millionaire Illiterate

Lessons from the Millionaire Illiterate. Today: 17/02/18

I attended a birthday party last weekend of a family friend who turned 50. As I sat through the service, I had an epiphany. This man who was being celebrated did not have any formal education, he did not have a college degree but he had built a successful business for himself over the years and was making a difference. He did not allow his lack of education (present set back) stop him from doing or being something significant. This made me realise how important the way I live my life is. As the service went further, some words pierced through my heart and I’m sure it will get you thinking deeply about your life too.

– Living for self will cause you to be easily forgotten.
– Life is a journey and not a weekend trip. The way you invest your life will determine how well you will be remembered. If there is nothing to follow in life then you have wasted your life. When your absence is not recognised it means your presence wasn’t needed.
– Be careful not to waste your tomorrow for a temporary pleasure because recovery would be difficult.
– Life is a gift from God so remember to use it wisely because you will give an account at the end. Matt 25:14-30.

Finally, at the end of that day, I walked out with a question on my mind, a question I am still pondering on, am I productively literate or am I just educated. Trash your excuses and Think on this.

17 thoughts on “Lessons from the Millionaire Illiterate”

    1. then make plans to make sure you don’t. Also challenge yourself to learn more. finally surround yourself with people that will motivate you and not allow you rest till you reach your goals and even pass then

  1. This write up got me in deep thoughts!!! Life is a journey and not a weekend trip. Thanks for sharing Daniel ☺️

  2. The nuggets, very helpful, we will all be accountable for all we do and excuses will not be tenable. Thanks for this piece.

  3. Wow! What a thoughtful question. Am I really making a difference with my life?
    Thanks for sharing this Daniel.

  4. Living for self will cause you to be easily forgotten. Thank you Daniel for this reminder! A very beautiful write up!

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