THIS OR THAT? – The Power of Decisions

Decisions have always preceded the actions and the steps we take. Decisions are so powerful that they can result in a positive or negative turn in the life of a person. Everyday, we are faced with the need to make decisions, big or small, be it the time to wake up, how many kids you would like to have or what route to take to the office etc.

In deciphering the power of decision, we would be focusing on two aspects of the decision making process: a good evaluation and your resolve.
Remember the prodigal son, we are told that he suddenly asked his father for his portion of inheritance and some days after, he left for a far country where he squandered his inheritance and had nothing left. This was a result of a bad evaluation, it’s possible that if he still wanted to collect his inheritance to start his life over in another country through investments and financial prudence he may have not ended up the way he did. A bad evaluation results in a bad resolve which brings about a bad decision.

One very profound aspect of life of the prodigal son was when he decided to re-evaluate his current state which resulted in him having a good resolve which saved his life. He thought to himself on the number of hired servants his father has and they have surplus of food but here he was, feeding from the remains of the swine to keep his life. This was his turning point, his self-assessment helped him come to a conclusion that it would be better to be a servant in his father’s house than to die of hunger in a strange country. He chose to return home even if he lost his place as a son. He wanted to live and did not mind starting his life afresh- a good evaluation results in a good resolve which brings about a good decision.

Decisions have the power to end a life, they can also save one, the devil has no power over the power of your decision making process but having the right influence, the right people (association) and the right exposure play a role in helping you make decisions that would bring about the positive life you want to live and ought too have.
Always be mindful of your decisions of today because they will create your fortunes or misfortunes tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “THIS OR THAT? – The Power of Decisions”

  1. Great one sir! When I started reading, the word “association” stayed on my mind. The moment I saw “… making process, having the right influence, the right people (association) and the right exposure play a role…” I concluded, “Capisce! End of the matter”. More divine wisdom in Jesus name sir.

  2. Prodigy, keep up the good work. Improve your writing by references to the Bible verses. Let’s start from Genesis to reveal revelation, then you will know that you can DETHRONE your enemy.
    Lots of love. My regards to daddy number 2. More grace. Xx

  3. Very Important and Great Point ! I found myself in a situation of making the right decision and truth be told right people (association) is one of the most important that helps to make the right decision. Thank you for this. 👍🏾👍🏾

  4. This is very true, decisions do make or mar any individual’s future/life purpose!! Please keep at it Daniel. This was an impressive read!

  5. Wow! Great one Sir. Am empowered to make the right choices. What a great reminder in such a time as this.

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