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Dealing with difficult times…

I have heard people say that the true strength of character is when a negative situation pops up. Hmm! I think that’s wrong because no one prepares for heartbreak or negative experiences. We learn as the days go by and as experiences unfold to us. No one is better than you. Your coping or healing strategy is unique to help you through handling your present circumstance. The most important thing here is not allowing yourself drown in the sorrow of the negative experiences because most times they affect our rational judgments. 

“You are designed with peculiar abilities for any situation you encounter – you are enough to deal with it – learn from each phase”

Of a truth, you will need true friends at this phase but if none, engage in those things that can bring you inward happiness.

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.”

For me this is why friends are important in certain situations if you have true ones. People that will tell you soothing words and help you through the hard times of the pain and probably tears.  I have had my own fair share of a negative experience and I cried, didn’t eat and wasn’t interested in anything new at that point. Guess what? I was only hurting myself further because I was loosing on both ends without making any progress or bringing myself happiness. A friend stepped in at that point after finding out what I was going through and made sure I came out learning and stronger than when it all happened. 

Experience is not a good teacher because you don’t want to be broken before you learn. A knowledge of what ‘being broken’ means would give you the opportunity to prepare your mind against it or should it happen, how to manage the situation. This knowledge sef is so limiting because most people telling you about it have never experienced such things so they won’t give the best of explanation. This is why I stopped telling people “I know how you feel” when something bad happens. I have told most friends, “I don’t know how you feel because I have never been there, but I can imagine how you feel”. This helps them understand that whatever I say might not be accurate but it’s from a good place to help and see them happy.

“Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution.” Anonymous

Your friend,

11 thoughts on “Your Cover through the Valley Moments”

  1. “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.”
    Very profound! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. I don’t know how you feel . but I can imagine how you feel. I love that. Thank you sir for the insight

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