Making a Difference 

It is often said that the true worth of a person is not in the amount of money made but in the amount of investments made especially in the life of others. Over the years I have found this to be very true and self-rewarding.


Self-appraisal is very important to anyone that wants to keep making positive improvements. I was making some reflections some days ago and discovered that people will go all out for you and celebrate you especially when you have made impact in their lives.


During a meeting at the office earlier in the year with my boss and other colleagues, my boss blew my mind with something I had never thought of. He started by saying “Every seed has the potential and is expected to become a tree. The fact that the seed has never experienced becoming a tree doesn’t mean that it should not or won’t be a tree. It must learn how to be a tree and produce flowers and then fruits as it remains alive. So similarly, your life must be meaningful. The fact that you haven’t lived this life before doesn’t mean that your life is worthless or meaningless. It only means that you have no excuse to waste the potentials placed in you but make efforts to enjoy the process and make sure it is meaningful”. This got me thinking and I decided that my life must make meaning and I will keep improving myself to ensure I remain relevant.


Therefore I urge you today, Get serious! stop making excuses and start making meaningful contributions to your world.

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