Don’t Run from problems; Be the best you

Hello my friend, it is an honour that you have made time to read my thoughts for the first time this year. I welcome you to the episode of today and I pray that God gives you new insights.

Let me ask you quickly, what is a problem? It’s something that causes you discomfort or seems to be a limitation right? Yes that is it. Problems are like roadblocks to a particular destination but just like a roadblock or a hurdle can be overcomes, so it is for any difficult situation if you challenge it back. 
What do you think gave rise to the concept of entrepreneurship? It was for the need to challenge the status quo and challenge problems of life. Solving problems is what makes you stand out from others. If you want to be regular, follow the crowd but if you want to stand out, be a solution provider. Solving a problem can be meeting the needs of people around you such as fixing the road in your neighbourhood, feeding and clothing those around you as you are blessed of God, providing water and so on.

You might be wondering, those are the basic things of life and I agree but you have to show your commitment with little before I will be motivated to give you more. The same it is for God. He has blessed you with His exact nature and likeness (Gen 1:26) but you will see and operate in His realm when you show commitment to His way of doing things (Prov 22:29)

Wisdom is the foundation of solution to problems and interestingly, the Word of God is the wisdom Bank (Prov 4:7). Spend time in the word of God and you will never be sidelined. New ideas to solve problems is hid in the word of God. When you have wisdom, you naturally have confidence to challenge any problem that comes your way. It is lack of adequate information on what to do that makes you afraid most times. 

Jesus never ran away from any problem because he always know what to do. The fact that you failed in something you did is because you didn’t acquire enough of the relevant information needed to succeed and not that you are a failure or you don’t know anything. Extra study and experience is what boosts your confidence to overcome situations that seem to oppose you. I saw this quote somewhere from Shania Twain and it seems very apt to what we are discussing about “It’s important to give it all you have while you have the chance”.

Especially as a youth, use your energy now to solve problems. I discovered that if you run away from problems now, it will wait for you in future and it would be more difficult to solve that problem than it is today. The major challenge in my view is that people are not committed to acquiring extra knowledge for various areas of life. 

Proverbs 21:25 GNB
“Lazy people who refuse to work are only killing themselves;”

Proverbs 12:24 GNB
“Hard work will give you power; being lazy will make you a slave.”

Let me round up with a story I heard about a cub (little Lion) that grew up amongst sheep. It began to think and act like a sheep but it did not know it had the potential of a Lion that is the king of the forest. After sometime, the cub had grown up but it still ran away from its kind just like the sheep. One day this Lion came to the realisation that what it runs away from, is made and looks exactly like it does so instead of running it moved towards the others. That was the day it decided confront its fears. 

This story actually means, if You keep running away from problems, it won’t make you in control and you will always be limited. Always remember that your Christ like nature forbids limitation and promotes only dominion (Genesis 1:26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion….”) 

From today, I want you to tell yourself everyday before you sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning “I will not give up, I will keep striving till I become the best version of myself”

See you at the top Champ. 

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