The Word of God and You

The Word of a man is as a result of what he knows backed up with the authority he carries. Likewise, the Word of God is the knowledge of God backed up with His authority. Heb 4:12 “God’s Word is quick and powerful..”

The difference here therefore is that man can say a thing and not perform it but when God says a thing, He is committed to perform it just as He has said it. In fact, It is clearly written in the Bible that “it is impossible for God to lie” Titus 1:2.

If Gen 1:26 says God created you and I after his image and likeness, it means that we are exactly like God. Ps 82:6-7 also confirms that We have the God like personality. It is therefore important to know who God is and how He operates. This is why God instituted the Bible which is His knowledge and manual for us to be like Him. John 1:1. Please follow me carefully with an open mind because you have to understand this.

So if you refuse to study the Word of God, you won’t have proper knowledge of who your creator is, who you are, why you are created and for sure the things you have control over without having to cry, beg or suffer.

Someone might say, but I have been making efforts to study the Word of God and I still don’t understand neither have I contacted the power that it possesses. I fully agree with you and I can understand what you mean but there is a way out to that. Interestingly, King David also faced the same challenge which is why he prayed in Ps 119:18 “Open thou mine eyes,
that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law”

I also faced difficulty in studying the Word of God but when I found that scripture, I began to pray constantly with it before studying and I began to see mystery with clear understanding. Remember, prayer must be done in faith before you can obtain answers to your requests.

I have discovered that people spend time in the Word of God without being willing to subject themselves to the conditions attached to every blessing contained. If you obey His instructions and follow His guidelines, you will surely obtain His blessing without having to pray for or confess it.

If you are new to studying God’s Word or you want to learn from the scratch, I advice you to start your study by reading about certain characters of interest to you and that concerns areas of your life before taking a chronological approach in study.

The Word of God will definitely give you knowledge and authority when you spend time studying it. I desire that you know who you are and how to operate with the authority given to you. I recently overheard a conversation between two people and came to the conclusion that most times, we create problems for ourselves because we don’t know who we are and the authority we carry. I called my friend after that conversation and reminded her of 1 John 5:4. This scripture is one of my favourites and it simply explains your authority and how to exercise it without attributing any credits to the devil or negative circumstances you completely have control over.

My dear friend, I urge you to go in search for more relevant knowledge from scriptures (the unchanged, undiluted and raw knowledge from God).

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  1. The more we study the word, the more we know who we are. We are made in the image of God “God-likeness.” I receive grace to keep studying the word. Thanks sir for showing us the need to keep studying the Word of God.

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