Remember to be Self Motivated

Hello my friend, I trust you are doing well and staying safe through this period? Use this period to do exciting things for yourself, close friends and even family members. I’m glad that you are using part of your time to read this.

In my previous posts, I wrote about not giving up and also motivating others but for today’s post, let’s talk about self-motivation. From observation, I noticed that many lack the necessary self-motivation that can help in accomplishing their goals. Please listen to this “Just because you are hurt, doesn’t mean you are broken”. This is very true but will do nothing for a person that is not self-motivated. 

You might be wondering what I have to say about self-motivation. That’s a really good question and I’ll explain in my own way to help you share in my thoughts. It means the ability to inspire yourself, pick yourself up when you fall down and try again. I know picking yourself up from a public fall is always the worst and most difficult, but if you block your mind from the sounds or comments, those same people will sing your praise and narrate your story to the world. 

I have discovered that in most cases, you know what to do because of information you have been exposed to but doing it at that point can be difficult for some reason. The Bible says in

Proverbs‬ ‭15:23‬ ‭GNB‬‬

“What a joy it is to find just the right word for the right occasion!”.

Joyce Meyer also said it right “No matter what you know, if you are not doing it, it’s useless”. Think about it, what’s the point of knowing a trick and not using it to your advantage at a crucial moment? or let me use a more practical illustration “of what use is remembering your exams answers after you have submitted your paper?”. I know the answer, a complete waste.

Self-motivation comes from self-consciousness or let me say knowing who you are. Knowing who you are, talks about where you were born and the kind of family, your potentials, limitations etc. A good understanding of these dynamics will give you the necessary drive you need to develop or create your motivation system. Asides those areas, the best spice to add to self-consciousness is digging deep into the word of God. It has the best explanation any father can give to the plans and future of a child. You should check it out!

Growing up, I became conscious of the kind of family I had and what my potentials would likely be but that wasn’t enough to make me who I am today. People that know me said, I was very opinionated and decisive but along the line, I became more private, reserved and very shy. It took me some time of self-assessment coupled with an understanding of what God had to say before He formed me to develop and get better.  

I became guarded and even built up a wall to shield myself from the happenings around but I still bless God that I did that in the formative stages of my life. Sometimes withdrawal encourages self-assessment that should always lead to you developing a strong sense of value for myself. In those moments, I made up my mind that I will be the peer putting pressure on others and not the other way round, I also got full control of how I viewed myself regardless of what others had to say or their opinion.

From that, I realised that people will hardly feel motivated to achieve their goals because they are so caught up trying to please others or align their goals with what other people have to say. Let me ask you this and please if you can, answer honestly. If you live your life trying to please others and make them happy, do you actually think you will be self-fulfilled later in life when you are old? My response to that is NEVER!!. I then decided to do things and live my life according to my interests, goals, aspirations and timelines so that I won’t be too bothered by what others had to say about their own. 

My friend, You can only be motivated to achieve your goals when they are in line with your vision and mission for life. That’s the necessary drive you need to keep moving even on the difficult days. Your vision could be as simple as building a duplex if that has never happened in your linage or being a graduate. Again, the best place to discover vision is from the Bible because it has the mission statements and tactics already spelt out for your use. 

My counsel to you today is don’t sit around waiting for sympathy and encouragement from people around you but instead discover your vision and then draw up your mission statement because that will keep you from running to achieve your goals. Vision is not for lazy people!

Habakkuk‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭AMP‬‬

“Then the LORD answered me and said, “Write the vision And engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets So that the one who reads it will run.”

See you at the top Champ!

16 thoughts on “Remember to be Self Motivated”

    1. Thank you
      I’m super excited the message came right on time for you.
      Remember to motivate yourself 😉

  1. Wow this was a good read I’m really inspired, I’d also like to add that sometimes the reason why we find it hard to achieve certain goals or get distracted by people factor is because of the absence of the God factor, let me explain.
    It’s one thing to set up goals and self motivate , it’s another thing for those goals and visions to be aligned with Gods plan and purpose for our lives, once that’s in place the ride onward is less tedious or should I say the goals become easier to accomplish because you’ve got Gods backing and He said in His word , permit me to paraphrase “He will not give you more than you can handle and if He puts it in your heart He is well able to accomplish “ in my own understanding of this scripture self motivation comes easy when goals and visions are aligned aright, because the will power and all that we’ll need to make those dreams and vision come to manifestation have been/will be made available.

    1. I completely agree with you and appreciate that clear emphasis.
      Vision is Gods creation so when you consult Him, you will get the necessary will power (drive or motivation) to achieve goals that you set.
      Thank you

    1. I’m happy that part caught your attention because it also fired me up while writing this post.
      It’s also a reminder not to waste Gods special plan for you and I.

    2. Thank you for this.
      A lesson i learnt a few years back was never to allow myself wallow in guilt.
      Often times i have been caught in the guilt of my fall and mistakes and fear to forge ahead but like you said that i
      I’m hurt doesn’t mean i’m broken.

      Thanks again for this🙂.

  2. You’ve said it all sir!!
    No one can motivate you except You,coz they don’t See what you’re seeing about you!!…
    Motivational speaker Les Brown said”if you fall land on you back, because if you can see the sky then you can rise up again stronger”..
    Thank you 😊

    1. Hmm! I like that quote.
      Another one that gets my attention is by Bishop Abioye “it is ok to fall while walking or running but make sure you don’t stop moving”. So if you ever fall, don’t worry about what people would say, dust yourself, clean your wounds if any and try again

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