Conflict Resolution

Conflict is simply misunderstanding between two people.
Resolutions in my view simply means creating a solution.
It is important to mention that there will always be conflict in your day to day affairs but the most important thing is learning how to manage such whenever they arise.

Conflict resolution most times is difficult to come by because none of the parties are willing to let down their ego for the other or there is no clear understanding of what the problem is. Most times we fight ourselves without even knowing the true reason. Recently, a close friend and myself had a misunderstanding and I was burnt by the outcome of that misunderstanding. I said somethings wrongly but the ripple effect of what I said caused a negative reaction that hurt me. First thing I did was own up to what I did and tried to plead my case but it wasn’t still appreciated because of when I said the things I said. After a few days of thinking and going through pain, I sought counsel from another friend and came up with a formula.

Both parties would review what brought about the misunderstanding in our last conversation. After which they will take a piece of paper and write;
1. The things you think you did right
2. The things you shouldn’t have done
3. The things you should improve on
4. What you think about what the other person did.
5. What should the person have done or what can be done better.
6. What do you think The other person did right.

N.B. This would be done separately. After all this has been done, you both can have a conversation about it. This will make sure that both parties learn all they need to learn and not loose valuable relationships.

If both of you take personal times to answer these questions, you both will be sure to learn from what has happened and even become better friends in future.
Also more importantly, spend time praying for understanding for your friend. One thing to note and understand everyday is that people and different and they have to be treated to get the best from them at all times.

In all, conflict resolution begins with accepting that there is a problem then a willingness to solve that problem which involves dropping of egos if truly you value that friendship.

The Bible says between you and your fellow friend,
James 5:16a
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.

Even King David prayed after he had come to the realisation that he had offended his friend God and he wrote the below verse.

Psalms 51:11
Cast me not away from thy presence;
and take not thy holy spirit from me.

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  1. Wow great one, thanks for the light. Your are absolutely correct Sir, it’s all about dropping down our ego. Am blessed!

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