Self Motivation is my Responsibility

Hello, my friend,

Welcome to my 30th blog post since I started posting my thoughts in 2017. I’m sure you have enjoyed sharing thoughts with me. If this is your first time reading, I want to specially welcome you and to my frequent and silent readers, I celebrate you. Come with me again today as I do a follow up to my previous post ‘Remember to be Self Motivated’
I recently posted about “Remember to be Self Motivated” but a few days ago, I woke up at 4am with these thoughts, the concept of motivation is key to your survival. So I decided to include these other notes that were placed in my Spirit especially for you. Somethings here and there will definitely go wrong around you but you sometimes need ‘expert advice’ from people that know you and have your back all the time. I’ll tell you for a fact that those 2 persons are yourself and most importantly God.

Motivation is all about perspective. Your perspective has the ability to expose you to new ways or give you new ideas to overcome challenges and even create new things. Perspective simply means your point of view on a particular thing. It is important to always have your point of view on any and every situation of your life even if you don’t want to voice out those opinions to people. This is because people will mostly talk you down especially when what you say doesn’t go in line with their perspective of you. A perfect example here is Joseph but guess what? He didn’t allow what people thought of his dream to affect the hunger for its realisation. After reading and understanding this few years ago, I began to tell people that try to shove their opinions down my throat “You’re entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t count to me” This is because I made up my mind to live a life that I will be happy about especially based on my manufacturer’s spec and not what people want me to do.

I saw this some time ago that ‘the difficult time you have experienced may not have been your fault or it wasn’t caused by you but you are responsible for how you feel and handle yourself right after’. I don’t mean to be negative but I mean to tell you the truth and that is what I promised myself I’ll do through my writings to you especially, as the Spirit of the Lord inspires me. Guess what? As an individual, you will have several experiences before you leave this earth. Some good, others will be bad and ugly but you have the exclusive right to determine what you do, how you feel and how you react after those experiences have come and gone. 
People will have the stuff to say in an attempt to motivate you but sometimes may not say the right things because they have never experienced the things you are going through or have gone through. I can tell you that through prayers and the opportunity God has given me to speak with people He has brought my way, I have learnt to help people see the best in them and their potentials even in the midst of a difficult experience. I heard a Pastor say once that the devil will first make you depressed before he can oppress you. This means that the feeling of worthlessness is the pathway to death which is the ultimate of oppression. So, next time when a negative thought or situation comes knocking on your mind and emotions, tap yourself and say “I will remain joyful and not angry or depressed”

Think with me on this point real quick, if you are a trader selling something maybe a product or a service, will you intentionally create a flaw in your best product? I’m sure your answer will be NO. Even if you mistakenly created a flaw, I’m sure you will make the necessary updates to ensure that people don’t notice it. Right? So why then will you think that God made you worthless? The thoughts and feelings of worthlessness are inferior to what your creator has in mind.

Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭GNB‬‬

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not a disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.”

You need to understand, begin to develop your self-worth and then start treating yourself as the best gift that God thought of and of course, created. It is normal to be faced by challenges and situations but it is your choice on how you allow yourself to feel and react to those challenges.

An expert counsel is the best because of who it comes from. They are the only people that can give you the undiluted honesty you need in any and every situation you find yourself. Their words will give you the opportunity to be creative and also take ownership of your actions to create a better outcome. Please don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate people and their counsel but I place the thoughts of God,  my thoughts and interest over what anyone has to say. It is not pride, it is only self-motivation with some sauce of Gods creative ability (you should try it ). It will always make you happy and also be your winning edge once you have an understanding of it. 

Finally, from all you have read thus far, remember to

  1. Never agree with anyone who tells you that you are depressed. Always remember to have a meeting with the most important consultants about your life and your journey (God and yourself).
  2. Depression leads to oppression (death).
  3. Don’t allow yourself to remain on the floor even after you have fallen.
  4. Depression attracts sympathy and it makes people concerned about you but Joy empowers you to be a source of excitement and motivation. 

Keep motivating yourself!

12 thoughts on “Self Motivation is my Responsibility”

  1. Thanks for sharing Daniel! A good reminder that I don’t have to wait on other people to motivate me, me and God and the best team ever!

    1. For me, that’s the best team I know because you can’t go wrong.
      Thanks Mummy Flo

  2. From this read, I could hear “Strength comes from my partnership and association with the Father”.
    Thank you Daniel for sharing.

    1. That’s the best collaboration that has no regrets. He knows your shortcomings and is planning to cover all errors and at the same time, elevate all your efforts.
      Thanks for taking the time to read

  3. Self motivated people are Godly people they appear proud because they are sure footed as they are directed by the chief consultant. directed by God, obedience by you, that’s the breakthrough team.

  4. Thanks for this piece Sir…it’s a blessing!!
    And am feeling this new font for real😃
    God bless 🙏🏽

  5. Wooo!!!
    That third line in the second paragraph got deep into me,and I quote”The concept of Motivation is the key to your Survival” and secondly,those two people (God and myself)the best team!!!..
    Thank you Daniel😊..
    More Grace and inspirations!!..

    1. Amen!
      That was one great light I caught that blew my mind and I had to share.
      Thank you sir.

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