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My wonderful friend it’s such a joy sharing ideas with you once again. While thinking of what to share, I had a few people call and text me why I haven’t posted and when the next post would be out but one person sent me a message saying “I hope you are doing fine because it’s a while I read your post”. I saw two sides of people and loved the second one most. That led me to think on the concept of perspective. 

Perspective refers to your point of view on a particular thing based on the quality of information you have acquired plus your overall emotional and environmental sentiment. Part of the things that makes you different from every other person is your perspective. This is important because your point of view on any situation is responsible for how your mind, brain and body react to shaping who you are, what inspires you and the decisions you make in your personal and professional life. An optimistic point of view to every situation will always inject motivation to accomplishment of set goals. 

The power of perspectives is so far-reaching and transcends into all areas of our lives, and most especially our relationships because when you find someone that supports and appreciates your thought pattern, you have found a friend. It is popularly said that “friendship is by choice and not by force”. This is true because you will most likely choose friends that possess, support, enhance a similar point of view to ours. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please note that no one perspective is superior to the other. Pride is the reason why a person will always think he/she is right, irrespective of a better opinion. I, therefore, urge you, my wonderful friend, as you go on in your own journey called life, keep acquiring quality information and remain open to different points of view because in it will you learn, unlearn and relearn.

I have realised that your perspective will always be limited to the knowledge you possess and the experiences you have. I have heard severally that it takes two to start a fight but Then I asked myself what causes a fight? Simply put, conflict of opinions. Inadequate understanding of an issue will always bring conflict among friends. Unity of purpose in friendship will therefore require a willingness to create and fine-tune new perspectives to the various aspects of life. A major way of showing understanding is characterised by humility to surrender your way to accommodate others.

It is good to have a point of view but instead of lording your views over people, try to understand their perspective and find ways of incorporating yours with theirs so that both parties can feel important. Successful relationships are built on the concept of perspective which is characterised by communicating, collaborating, and sharing ideas without the risk of conflict or strife. Please note that perspectives are not created overnight but over time. Your environment has the capacity to hinder openness to new perspectives of any issue regardless of the effort the individual puts into gaining a fresh perspective. Your confession of wealth and prosperity will only be a sailor’s dream except you make that push to change your physical and mental environment so that your dream can become a reality.

I was thinking to myself some days ago about the subject of perspective and what came to my mind is the example of a coin. What it does in most cases is to help decision making between two options. Lemme ask you this, what happens in situations that are many-sided? That’s the limitation of a coin toss but your ability to remain open to explore other options in solving a problem is called thinking out of the box or what entrepreneurs will refer to as creativity. A new perspective has the capacity to create a new level of excitement and willpower to achieve things that have been called impossible. 

Please follow my thoughts, The reason you have eyes, a brain and a heart is to assess every situation and make informed conclusions. The eye is responsible for observation and information gathering, the heart for analysing the emotional side of issues and the brain for logical reasoning. These 3 are very critical to decision making and forming perspectives so I urge you to beware of what you see because it provides your mind and brain with the necessary information that will eventually lead to your perspectives that can turn into a belief system.

I learnt a few weeks ago that approach determines response and presentation determines acceptance. Being optimistic is part of the best ways of creating valuable perspective that has the potential to change things. Do not get stuck up on your own way of doing things especially if you have not yet taken time to finetune and improve your perspectives on life. So, my wonderful friend, if you do feel that you are not making as much progress as you should in life, check your perspective on the key areas of your life. If your relationships are suffering and you feel like you keep losing the good people in your life, perhaps it is time for you to change your viewpoint on the importance of quality relationships in your life. Change how you see the world. Learn how to do things better.

Finally, You have access to the world of possibilities if only you can change your perspective through learning, unlearning, and willingness to gain fresh insight from relearning perspectives. 

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities.

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  1. Woooow this is 👌 wonderful indeed perspectives are not created overnight but over time. Thank you Daniel

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